Some tips and tricks for IPHONE series X


If you’ve come from an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, you might be missing the Home button. While you can’t get a physical Home button back, there is a way to use a software Home button on the iPhone XS using an Accessibility feature.

Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch and define shortcuts for single tap, double tap, long press and 3D Touch for the AssistiveTouch button. For Single touch, define it to go Home. You can use define other gestures features to define features you find difficult to access.

Create Your Own Memoji

The iPhone XS vastly improves how Portrait Mode photos are captured. Not only does it have a much better bokeh effect, but you can also now go in and edit the background blur for any portrait mode shot later on.

Go to Photos, select a Portrait Mode photo and tap on Edit. Now, you’ll see a slider below that will let you change the background blur from f/1.4 to f/16 aperture.

Record Videos in 4K

The iPhone XS now lets you record audio in stereo mode! But the default video recording resolution is still set to 1080p. If you want to make use of the awesome new camera, you should try capturing footage in 4K. Go to Settings -> Camera -> Record Video and switch to 4K.

How to Hard Reset iPhone XS

There’s a new way to get into the Hard Reset mode on the iPhone XS. This is just an advanced reboot, it won’t wipe any data. Press Volume Up, then Volume Down and then quickly hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Get Better at Using Gestures

Once you’re accustomed to the new gestures, you’ll want to advance to the next level. Use the tricks below to get around the iPhone XS faster.

Faster App Switcher Access: Swipe up at a 45-degree angle to get it right every single time.

Quickly switch between recent apps: Just swipe horizontally on the Home bar to jump between your most recent apps. You can open the app you had opened previously without ever going to the App Switcher. This little gesture does not only make for a cool demo for the iPhone XS but is also a really useful feature in day-to-day life.

Recent App from Home Screen: You’re on the Home screen and want to go back to the app you just quit? Simply swipe left to right on the Home bar!

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